How do you create and sustain a collaborative culture?

'Collaboration' is a buzzword. We talk about it a lot but are we doing it? Do you operate in a 'collaborative culture'? Or has it been expressed as an 'organisational value', but isn't translating into organisational behaviour? Simply put, a collaborative culture will make it easy for you to collaborate within any given setting – your workplace, your network, your place of learning.... Certain barriers to effective collaboration won't exist. An organisation that operates collaboratively is attractive. Collaborating effectively within your organisation will help you to forge successful external collaborations. People will want to join your team and play in your league. You will have new oppor

How collaborative are you?

Whether or not a collaboration will be effective ultimately depends on the people involved. And that starts with you. So, how collaborative are you? It is important to know what collaboration is, what it's for, and why you want to collaborate. But in order for collaboration to succeed, you need to approach it in the right way. And to do that, you need a collaborative mindset. First, you need to know that working collaboratively is the best way to approach a given issue. Once you've established that, the success of the collaboration is all about the beliefs and behaviours of you and your co-collaborators. And your behaviours are a result of your beliefs or 'attitudes' combined with your chara

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