How do you break through barriers to collaborate? Part 2

Collaborating when you don't operate in a collaborative culture and with people who are inexperienced collaborators are key challenges many of us face. Don't give up! Here are two more strategies that will help you overcome these hurdles. You operate in an environment where collaborative culture is not the norm and people are unfamiliar or wary of the method of working. You've read Part 1 of this blog and 1. managed your own expectations about what can be achieved and 2. thought carefully about what you should seek to collaborate about. Now it's time for two more strategies to help you collaborate successfully in tough circumstances, let's find out how to choose your collaborators wisely and

How do you break through barriers to collaborate? Part 1

If the issue you're trying to resolve is best done so collaboratively and there is a collective will to achieve shared outcomes, then you should still seek to collaborate. Here are the first two of four key strategies to help you get there! How do you collaborate when collaboration isn't an established way of working or when the people you need to collaborate with find it challenging? There are four key steps you can implement which revolve around how you think about your aims, how you choose what you collaborate on and with whom, and how you approach collaboration. Here are steps 1 and 2: 1. Manage your expectations If you have a collaborative mindset and want to implement best practice, it

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