glu is a consultancy and home of collaboration know-how. Here to help you develop good practice for effective transformation, partnership and innovation. glu is about new ways of thinking and being, what positive collaborative culture looks like, how to develop it, and when to use it.



management consulting – research consulting – strategy development – partnership review – organisational development – business modelling – workplace culture – learning environments


collaboration skills – leadership development – researcher development –  managing change – programme design –employability – glucard™ tools – how2collaborate™ programme – facilitation – coaching


practice insights – policy development – futures research – issue resolution – guidance – explainers –process design – visual communication – public speaking


research and innovation – public sector – charitable sector – higher & further education – business & enterprise – culture & creative industries – cross-sector partnerships – placemaking – service improvement


glu helps you create, transform, grow and sustain innovative partnerships and collaborative learning and workplace cultures.


glu offers research & management consulting, glucard™ training, facilitation & coaching, organisational development & business planning.

about glu

Hi, I'm Sabina Strachan.


I founded glu to help people work together better to achieve greater impacts and live more fulfilled lives.

glu's how2collaborate™ programme helps you collaborate and innovate by learning how to work collectively with a diverse group of people on an equal footing to create new solutions and achieve shared outcomes.

Get in touch and let's talk about how glu can help you!


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